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Map of Japan and North Western Pacific Ocean

Izu Hanto
Izu Peninsula
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Map of Izu Hanto - Izu Peninsula



Area Maps
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Japan and North Western Pacific Ocean
Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
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Izu Hanto, Izushoto
Map of Hokkaido - Relief





Last updated september 16, 2006

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Izu East Coast

I.O.P (Izu Oceanic Park)

Izu west coast

Cape Ose(Ose-Zaki)

Izu peninsula is on the Philippine plate and moving toward the Sea of Japan thrusting itself through Honshu Island. The movement created beautiful mountainous scenery (with numerous hot springs) and interesting ocean floor along the coastline.

It is popular weekend destination for divers around Tokyo/Yokohama area. Many divers join dive shop tours for one day or overnight weekend diving.

There are many diving spots along the coast. It is 70 miles plus and 3 hours plus drive from Tokyo, depending on how far you go into the peninsula and the traffic.

Izu Oceanic Park(I.O.P) on the east coast and Ose-zaki (Cape Ose)on the west coast are two most popular sites among them.

A word of caution:
Often times, you have to wait in line for entry if you go to particularly popular sites closer to Tokyo area on holiday weekends.  So if you are crowd phobia, choose right time to be there.

Underwater Photos

Izu Peninsula
at .
Osezaki drop3.gif (1024 bytes) by Hiroshi Sato
at Underwater & Seaside Photo Gallery


drop3.gif (1024 bytes) by Keoki & Yuko Stender
Japan at Fishpics Hawaii
Underwater Gallery - Osezaki
(Only thumnails are in sepia color)
drop3.gif (1024 bytes) by Soichi Matsukawa
at Diver's High
Dive at Izu Photo Gallery drop3.gif (1024 bytes) at Dive at Izu


Diving Articles & Reports

Title at Site
Hokkawa Report : Rudder-Scrapin' Dive
with 3 photos
by Charles T. Whipple
drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
Dive Japan here at this site
Futo Report: Diving the Door to Prosperity
with 7 photos
by Charles T.Whipple
drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
Dive Japan here at this site
Underwater Wedding
Neptune Nuptials in East Ito
by Charles T. Whipple
drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
Scuba Diving Club Manatees


Books, Video, CD/DVD's
Izu Peninsula
at .
Opisthobranchs of Izu Peninsula
by Keiu Suzuki
drop3.gif (1024 bytes) at http://slugsite.tierranet.com/


Diving Site Information

Izu Ocean Park
Fish Photo Gallery and Point Information

Fishes you can see at I.O.P. by season. (in Japanese)
  at Izu Ocean Park Diving Center 
. .
Guide to Izu Diving -- Hokkawa
Detailed diving points info. with area map, ocean floor maps
drop3.gif (1024 bytes) by Charles T. Whipple

Diving articles by Charles T. Whipple.

Scuba Diving in Izu
Report on Atami diving and more
drop3.gif (1024 bytes) by Alice Gordenker
at Japan Visitor
Mikomoto Island
. .
. .


Izu Peninsula
at .


Irozaki(Cape Iro)

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Diving Services

Izu Peninsula East Coast
The Eternal Fields   Izu East
Specialized in Izu Ocean Park diving Slide Show
at PADI, Japan

There are numerous diving services in Izu Peninsula.

Will check indivisual web sites, time allowed.

Izu Peninsula West Coast
Diving House Manbow
At least in business for 20 years
Ose zaki
Menu in English. You can see photos.

Tourism General Information

at Site
Izu East

Izu West

Naka Izu

drop3.gif (1024 bytes) Izu Area Guide
at A Guide to Shizuoka Prefecture
Izu West
Mini guide with map and photos
drop3.gif (1024 bytes) by sanji
at secret-japan
Izu Peninsula drop3.gif (1024 bytes) at japan-guide.com
Izu Peninsula
PDF file, including map of Izu Peninsula
drop3.gif (1024 bytes) at Shijuoka
of Japan National Tourist Organization


at Site

Izu-Tobu volcano group (Higashi-Izu volcano group)


Find a Volcano by Region
Bird view of "ring of fire"

drop3.gif (1024 bytes)

Volcanoes of Japan, Taiwan, and the Marianas
Perfect map to get idea about Izu-Bonin Island chain.

Global Volcanism Program
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC 20560-0119

Izu-Tobu Volcano Group
(34o53'59"N, 139o05'52")

Distribution of Active Volcanoes

drop3.gif (1024 bytes) Current Eruptions in Japan
at Volcano Research Center
by Earthquake Research Institute (ERI)
University of Tokyo

Izu West Coast

Izu East Coast

  Last updated September 16, 2006

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Izu Hanto
Izu Peninsula
Izu Shoto
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Map of Japan: Japan and  Western North Pacific Ocean  with Dive Destinations

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