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Izu Peninsula
Izu Hanto

Izu Peninsula, Izu-Hanto

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Where is Izu Peninsula?

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Izu Peninsula (Izu Hunto) relative to Izu Seven Islands (Izu Shichito) and Izu Islands Chain).

Izu Peninsula (Izu Hanto)

Map of Izu Peninsula - Izu Hanto with diving spots
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Izu peninsula is on the Philippine plate and moving toward the Sea of Japan, thrusting itself through Honshu Island, which is on the Euracean Plate.

The movement created beautiful mountainous scenery (with numerous hot springs) and interesting ocean floor along the coastline.

It is a popular weekend destination for divers around Tokyo/Yokohama area. Many divers join dive shop tours for one day or overnight weekend diving.

There are many diving spots along the coast. It is 70 miles plus and 3 hours plus drive from Tokyo, depending on how far you go into the peninsula and the traffic.

Izu Oceanic Park(I.O.P.) on the east coast and Ose-zaki (Cape Ose) on the west coast are two most popular sites among them.

A word of caution:
Often times, you have to wait in line for entry if you go to particularly popular sites closer to Tokyo area on holiday weekends.  So if you are crowd phobia, choose right time to be there.

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Underwater Videos of Each Destination

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Izu East Coast

Izu west coast

Izu South

Izu East Coast



Izu Kaiyo Koen (I.O .P)




Izu West Coast






Izu South



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Izu Kaiyo Koen (I.P.O)

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