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Map of Japan and North Western Pacific Ocean

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Map of Hokkaido - Relief
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Area Maps
Japan_450.GIF (120871 bytes)
Japan and North Western Pacific Ocean
Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
izu_3.jpg (25980 bytes)
Izu Hanto, Izushoto
Map of Hokkaido - Relief






Last updated July 6, 2006
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Underwater Photos
Shiretoko Peninsula
Ice Diving
drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
by Yasuhiro Yamamoto, Dolphin Hotel, Shiretoko

Photo Library Siretoko Underwater in Early Spring drop3.gif (1024 bytes)

by Masashi Imai
Marine House Robinson

Diving Articles

Beneath the frozen sea drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
On Ice Diving
by By Rob Volansky
at Outdoor Japan
The Frozen Sea: The Creatures of Raosu  
at Japan's 100 Seas
by Koji Nakamura

Dive Services on the Web

Dolphin Hotel drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
Siretoko, English
Asahikawa Dive House drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
Marine House Robinson drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
Shops listed in blue linked to their web sites drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
drop3.gif (1024 bytes)

Sceneries, Travel Photos and Articles

Sightseeing in Shiretoko
Very informative, many photos
drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
Photo Gallery: Shiretoko Early Spring drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
by Masashi Imai
Marine House Robinson
Shiretoko: Hokkaido's Wilderness Gains World Heritage Listing
drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
By Michael O'Connell
at Xene[Zi:n]
Your Online Doorway to Hokkaido

or the American Whaleman
William M. Davis

drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
Caution! A big page (740k) -Entire book in one file
It contains whaling in the Okhotsk Sea.
The Plough Boy Anthology
by Tom Tyler
Hokkaido   drop3.gif (1024 bytes)

Taisetsu Mountain Range in Autumn

My Memories of Hokkaido

drop3.gif (1024 bytes)

by Kazuto Nakanishi
at Landscape Photo Gallery 'Tabi-rettou'

drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
Kushiro drop3.gif (1024 bytes) Japan at The Weather Underground
Abashiri drop3.gif (1024 bytes) Japan at The Weather Underground

Species Synopsis Stellers' Sea Eagle drop3.gif (1024 bytes) at "O-Washi-net" International Working Group for the Steller's Eagle Conservation, Foundation for Agrarian Development Research (FADR) (Moscow)
Study and Reports
Drift Ice - Okhotsk Sea coast
A tourist destination on thin ice
March 15, 2006
drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
Okhotsk/Sea Ice Concentration
May 31, 2006

Sea Ice Distribution in the Sea of Okhotsk during 2005 - 2006 Winter

The Arrival of Sea Ice to Hokkaido
March 2005


drop3.gif (1024 bytes)
at Midori II earth observation satellite
Science Project

(Earth Observation Research Center)
> JAJXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

Sea Ice Research Laboratory:Ice chart off the Okhotsk Sea coast of Hokkaido
Real time ice field scenery along a 250-km coastline, about 50 km into the Okhotsk Sea, being monitored by radars

Computer Animation of Sea Ice Distribution
2002 - last available year

drop3.gif (1024 bytes)

at Hokkaido University

It says:

"The SIRL (Sea Ice Research Laboratory) was closed down at the end of March 2004, and all activities at SIRL were transferred to a newly founded center, Pan-Okhotsk Research Center of the Institute of Low Temperature Science in Sapporo from April 2004. Accordingly, the sea-ice radar network was also closed down in operation at the end of the sea-ice season in June 2004. The Pan-Okhotsk
Research Center is to continue researches and educations as a strategic international research center in the Sea of Okhotsk and its surrounding regions. "

Change of time? I found local radar is more helpful than satellite image, when severe weather, such as a hurricane, approaches real close to our area.

General Information
    Hokkaido Government

Last modified July 6, 2006

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Ryukyu Islands
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Izu Hanto
Izu Peninsula
Izu Shoto
Izu Islands
Some Spots
Yonaguni Monument
Underwater Ruins



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