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East Izu

(Higashi Izu)

Typical One Day Diving

Tour from Tokyo

Leaving Tokyo around 7:00 A.M, arriving a spot around 10 A.M. you have two dives and late lunch and drive home by "Izu Sky Line" (Scenic Free Way that run through Amagi Highlands), some times stopping by one of hot springs in the peninsula, arrive home late afternoon to early evening.


from Japanese Volcanoes
at Sumisonian Institution National Museum of Natural History Global Vocanism Program

Now you know why there are so many hot springs.

Izu Oceanic Park

One of most popular spots for novice and seasoned divers alike. The area is on lava flow from volcanic activities of nearby mountain several hundreds(?) years ago.  Lava flew into the sea and made current ocean floor. It is also the spot of my first dive after I got C-card.


Atami is a very popular resort  town since very long. For diving, fishing boats drop divers near submerged group of rocks that rise from the bottom more than 160 feet deep near the coast. You will dive along the steep side of the rocks full of soft corals.


Boats leave Ajiro fishing port. It is a relatively big port around the peninsula. One time, we met a red sea bream ( the fish we usually see on the table) at the spot. I was impressed as it was swiming with such dignity.


My log says, "Heavy rain, swell, big wave, unable to drop anchor, free descent 24M (78 feet), bottom not visible no fish."

Sounds great. Naturally no log on afternoon dive. I will wait for someone's web site on a clear day's diving! I remember we enjoyed hot spring very much after the dive. It is a resort town of hot spring.


Further south of the peninsula. You need to stay overnight if you go there from Tokyo area.

After long drive, we arrived Shimoda in the evening and went to bed. Next morning, we were told that we could not dive here because of strong current and wave. Sometimes, we are not so lucky!

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