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This is my first web site started 1995.
There is no update since 2007 and all external links are broken.
But I kind like to keep it as my reminder how far (not much) I have come from here.
Junko Aoyama
March 22, 2021

Welcome to Dive Japan.
You will find links to interesting sites on Japanese diving
primarily in English and
diving articles and information at our site.
Hope you enjoy! -
Junko Aoyama

Western Pacific Current Surface Condition
by Ocean Weather

Click North Pacific
n map or menu.

Wind, Wave,
Updated every 3


Japan National Tourist Organization
Handy starter site to research just about eveything, if you are thinking trip to Japan, except diving.







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What's New?

06/14/06 - 01/07/07
Undersea Ruins Yonaguni Monument
Ice Diving in Shiretoko, Hokkaido, Sofu-iwa and more



Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands
Ryukyu Islands
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Izu Hanto, Izu Peninsula
Izu Peninsula

Ogasawara, Bonin Islands
Bonin Islands
Izu Shoto, Izu Islands
Izu Islands


What's New?

January 07, 2007

Ice Diving, Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido

Ice Diving - Utoro, Shiretoko
by Jiro Sakanaka
video at You Tube
My first link to You Yube video.

Yonaguni Monuments

The Relics of Mu
Nov-17-06 artile by Jason Bellows and comments/discussion by others at Damn Intersting
You will find comments interesting, even if you already know basic story about the monuments in the article.

September 16, 2006

Hayama, Zushi (Kanagawa Pref.)

Photo Gallery Zushi at dive shop Banana Reef

Have never related "Hayama" or "Zushi" with diving; the sound makes me think of "marina" and yachting. I guess I missed something.

Travel Report

Japan in Autumn
by Harlan Hague at Life is a Soft Adventure

No, it's not about diving. But you maybe enjoy just the photos like I did:Traditional Japan in Autumn. Travel article around Japan. It's autumn, kind of, here in Florida too.

August 15, 2006

Ogasawara Islands

Ogasawara Underwater photos
by Masashi Iwai
at Underwater Photo Library at Marine House Robinson

Includes photos of various schools of fishes, just like the ones I saw there long time ago.

August 10, 2006

Hachijojima, Izu Islands

Hachijojima - Kaiser's

Report by a surfer to trip to Hachijo Island. Practical tips to get, stay and get around the island, along with wave and beach conditions.

Izu Ocean Park (I.O.P), Izu Peninsula

Fish Photo Gallery and Point Information
Izu Ocean Park Diving Center

Fishes you can see at I.O.P. by season. (in Japanese)
Izu Ocean Park is one of most popular diving spots close to Tokyo area.


July 9, 2006

Izu Seven Islands (Izu Shichito)

Journey to the Izu Islands
by C. Gunson

With maps and a lot of topside photos. If you like to experience "islands" in a short vacation around Tokyo, this is the place to go. Some islands are too crowded, but others are not. Not a dive trip, but a good travel report to some of diving destinations.

Yonaguni Underwater Ruins

Probably because it was re-aired yesterday on the History Channel, I noticed there are many people searching for the information. So added a direct link above.


For last a week or so, added several big and small maps. My maps are made from an old map program and meant to give you a quick reference where the places are located approximately, as well as to myself, as especially relative location of islands are confusing to me after all these years.

Hope to add both maps of Ryukyu Islands and Ogasawara Islands chains soon.

July 3, 2006

Sofu-iwa (Sofugan) 29°48'N, 140°21'E (Added a Sofu Iwa page - 7/5/06)

A rock thrusting 325 feet above water from sea floor over 3280 feet deep in the middle of nowhere in Pacific Ocean, between Ogasawara Islands and Hachijo Island. It's hard to reach spot for diving with abundance of fishes and a spot Japanese divers long for.

Dive cruising tour by Dive Station El-Mar
Scheduled for beginning June, no report if they could make it.
Only one I could find.

Photos found:

Sofuiwa (close-up)
Photo by the later Mr.Goro Takano at Spear Fishing

Sofu-gan - Apostrophe Mark on the horizon
by Ken Kaiko (writer)

Sofu-gan ( Scrol down to see 13 photos in Flash movie)
at National Institue for Sea Training

July 1, 2006

Yonaguni Monument

Yonaguni Monument Page
To keep Okinawa information page proportionate, created a separate page for Yonaguni monument. Visitors who are interested in can go directly to the page.

Creation by Nature?

Links are in Japanese, but thought it's worth mentioning as many visitors here use key words related to Yonaguni.

When were underwater ruins off Yonaguni created?
at Seismological Lab. of University of the Ryukyus

They say it was created about 6000 years ago by process of erosion by waves and other natural process. You can see several graphics to show process of erosion by wave.

Analysis of Yonaguni underwater ruins
at Archeology threads

Thread starting March-11-2003. Comprehensive analysis by " hammerhead". He criticizes claims made by Prof. Masaaki Mimura point by point. Well prepared even though he says he is not a scholar of any kind. Interest points; Graphics of the No. 1 monument widely circulated are scaled horizontal to vertical ratio 2 to 1, which distorts the shape greatly. The entire monument has 10 degree inclination.

Sorry, but the thread is beyond my English for me to translate, but it is very interesting, as I noticed almost no other academic scholars publish study on the monument.

June 28, 2006

Ogasawara Underwater Photos

Many good photos of whales, dorphins, sharks, macro photos and more by diving service people:Photo Gallery
by Yasuhiro Morita, Akihito Koga
at Ogasawara Diving Center

Photo Gallery
at Urashiman

June 27, 2006


Yonaguni - Underwater Ruins

Air on Saturday, July 8 at 2 PM ET - On the History Channel "Japan's Mysterious Pyramids" - Ancient MarvelsCopy says:

"Most historians and archaeologists maintain that civilization as we know it began about 5,000 years ago with the emergence of the earliest Egyptian dynasty. But, a small yet persuasive number of scientists believes that a highly advanced civilization, nearly twice as old, flourished during the last Ice Age. Solid evidence of this 19, 000-year-old civilization is difficult to produce, but some feel a recent discover off the coast of a tiny Japanese island, Yonaguni, may be the proof they seek."

I see DVD is available too for $24.95 .

June 26, 2006

Dive Points Photos

Japan's Dive-Spot Gallery
by Masahiro Kaji

A lot of good underwater and scenery photos, well organized, from clickable map of Japan: Most comprehensive for Ryukyu Islands (I counted 11 islands). If you scroll down, you can browse all points of all spots available on the site.

June 24, 2006

Kikai Jima - Ryukyu Islands

Found This photo Kikai interesting and found some articles and dive service.
KIKAIJIMA by Ms. Bliss Ariana 1998 (at Ohguchi Baku's Home Page ), BULE REEF (Dive service and pension)

June 14, 2006

Hokkaido - Shiretoko - Drift Ice Diving

Dolphin Hotel in Shiretoko
by Yasuhiro Yamamoto
It's summer in Florida. It's cool to watch photo gallery, flash movies of ice diving, snow covered sceneries and more.

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Junko Aoyama
E-mail:Dive Japan Info

Last updated January 7, 2007

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